Sunday, April 18, Molly and I on headed out on a 212 Km permanent. A permanent, for those that are not familiar, is a “permanent route” that randonneurs can arrange with the owner of the route to do on their own schedule. By collecting “proof of passage” at designated control points, the completion of the permanent is verified and the time is submitted to Randonneurs USA (RUSA).

Molly and I did this on our tandem. The route is from Ocotillo to Borrego Springs, and back. Ocotillo is about 75 miles East of San Diego, just below the mountains as you go into the desert. We started at 0630, and it was 73 degrees already. About 10 miles later we dropped into a valley where the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. From there the temperature gradually increased to about 88 degrees. The winds were rather variable and unpredictable throughout the day. Fortunately we didn’t have to deal with gusts, but there were some short periods of strong winds.

Here is the route:

Here is a video that Kelly DeBoer made of the route when he did it a month ago:

Here are a few photos from our adventure.

I think this one was taken during an earthquake!