Many photos were taken out on the course. Many photos, race results, and more can be seen here. I’ve copied a select few to post here with some comments.

Here is basketball legendary Bill Walton. I see him at the Mission Valley YMCA every morning I’m there to swim.

I’ve mentioned George Vargas a few times already. He is a great person to talk to if you want to get some perspective on ultra cycling. This must be the first control point because he is still smiling and hasn’t developed the salty look yet.

And here George is in the middle of Pine Creek, so he’s a bit more focused.

You’ll probably notice Drew Peterson below with both legs extended. This is because of the power cranks I mentioned in the Pine Valley Duathlon race report. Most people that start using power cranks say they can go about a mile max the first time they use them. Not only did Drew finish the 101 mile course, he finished first! Absolutely incredible performance!

Another shot of Drew.

Not only does Drew have power cranks, it looks like he has bugs too! This is proof of the bugs I mentioned on the way down Sunrise Highway.

I don’t know these people, Alex Estrada and Deya Guerrer, I got to see them hammer up Kitchen Creek and Pine Creek. I was impressed by their climbing on the tandem.

Here I am at the last control point before my climb up Pine Creek. I’m smiling at this point. It’s a good thing I didn’t stay around much longer because I finished only one minute ahead of George.

Here I’m not smiling anymore, because I found out the water stop on Pine Creek was not the end of the climbing.

I met Justin Hoblet, a Navy helicopter pilot, on the ride. He seemed to keep passing me up the climbs and I’d catch him on the descent. Fortunately for me I was able to hold the last loop together a lot better, and finished ahead of him.

I was surprised to see Eric Stedje-Larsen there. You never know who you’ll run into on these things.

Matt Dixon, neighbor and training partner, is pushing up Pine Creek. Matt’s legs were shot since he just did two 4.5 hour half-ironman events in the past 3 weeks. It’s a good boost for his CTL.

George is smiling again! He’s probably just letting his feet rest before he heads out to do the course again. He still has his helmet on, ready to go!

These girls were amazing! I don’t know them, but I saw them out there during the first loop, and I was impressed thinking that they would probably stop after that loop. No way! They did the entire course in 9:06. Hannah Swan is 13, and her sister Moriah May Swan is 11 years old.