Date: MOTHER’s Day, Sunday, May 9, 2010

Start Time: 0600

Finish Time: 1607

Route: Old Town San Diego to Laguna Niguel and back, 141 miles

Molly and I headed out yesterday for a great ride up the coast, completing our 6th monthly consecutive 200+ Km ride.

One of my neighbors told me once, “a couple that bikes together, stays together.” I think it’s more accurate to say that a couple that does stuff together stays together. Molly used to not be an athletic person at all, but over the years has taken up running, then triathlons, and now long distance cycling. I am grateful because I really enjoy long rides, and used to see amazing places that I wish I could share with Molly. I guess I could have taken up shopping or visiting craft fairs to spend time with Molly, but I don’t think that was ever going to happen. Now, on the tandem, we ride together all day long and are enjoying scenery and stops together. Of course, there are times on a long ride that one or both of us are miserable. We are getting better at keeping our misery to ourselves than sharing it because the misery is usually fairly short lived but can be a lot longer if it brings the other person down. “Positive thoughts” are our mantra. We were both doing great on this ride, but at around 90 miles I started to fade and Molly did a great job keeping me focused. Then at around 130 miles Molly was falling apart, but I was able to keep her on track.

We are hoping to do Paris-Brest-Paris in August 2011. PBP is to randonneuring what Kona is to triathlons. Molly likes to say that the only way I’ll take her to Paris (a place she’s always wanted to visit) is by riding 750 miles. Pretty much true, but I don’ think there is a better way to see France than on a bike.

Here we are at the start in Old Town, before Molly realized she had left her race number on her helmet from the Spring Sprint Triathlon last weekend.

The day started off with a heavy marine layer, which unfortunately never really burned off. It was fairly cool all day long, which I don’t mind too much, but our stops were downright cold. It was especially cold in San Clemente, both northbound and southbound. Here are a few shots from along the route.

Our first stop was at the Bagel Shack in San Clemente. They have some of the best bagels I’ve ever had. We were 3 ½ hours into our ride by that point, so it was a great place to have a bagel sandwich. I have never seen this place so empty. Usually you can’t find a seat here. I guess people were sleeping in for Mother’s Day, or going other places for brunch.

This was the first permanent we have done in the past few months where we didn’t start off exhausted. Molly had run a 5K race the day before, but nothing that brought a lot of fatigue into our ride. Here are some more photos. These are on our way to Laguna Niguel.

We stopped here at Laguna Cyclery. Next door is a great natural foods snack bar. Next time I come up I’ll have to have the veggie burger, because it looked amazing!