Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time: 6:15 PM

This month’s time trial was conducted by Andy Conors again. There was a great turnout again. The weather was good, but a bit windier this month than last. Although we are getting closer to Summer, the traffic on the island was much less than last month.

Instead of riding the tri-bike this month, Molly and I both decided to ride our road bikes and practice staying in the drops. We were both notified recently that we’ve been selected for the All Navy Triathlon Team, and will compete in the invitation only Armed Forces Championship event at Point Mugu on June 5. This race is a draft legal Olympic distance race. Since it is draft legal, tri-bikes are not allowed, hence the reason we used our road bikes for the time trial. We are also riding our road bikes for the Encinitas Sprint Triathlon and TCSD Club Race coming up before Armed Forces Triathlon.

There have been some questions on the TCSD list serve regarding how much of a benefit is there between riding a tri-bike and a road bike. My trial run says it is probably pretty significant. First of all, I rode in the drops, and tried to keep my elbows below my knees. In order to do that you have to bring you body down very low. This is a pretty aero position, but there were several people that beat me during the time trial that had never beaten my bike split before. It wasn’t necessarily my best performance, but my power was not too different than other time trials of the same distance, so it is likely aerodynamics that explains the difference. I could use previous times to compare, but because the wind conditions can vary quite a bit and have a significant effect on the overall time, I think comparison against competitors is sufficient enough to say that the tri-bike is a lot faster. Also, riding in the drops is rather difficult. If you think riding in the aero bars is tough on your core, rind in the drops is much more difficult. I found it interesting to see some fairly fast people that couldn’t even stay in the aero bars for 30 minutes. One person in particular that had started right behind me passed me at half way through the time trial. When we turned into the wind, he actually sat up, probably because he felt that it would be easier to fight the extra resistance. Well, when he did that I flew by him and never saw him again.

Here is my power file for the Time Trial. The first is from WKO+, the second from Golden Cheetah, the third is from SportTracks.

I had my cool down on this file as well, but was able to isolate the time trial portion for the charts above. There are some other interesting charts on Golden Cheetah, but I won’t post them this time because they include the cool down data.

Here is the summary data from this month’s time trial on the left, compared to last month’s on right.