Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time: 6:15 PM

Location: Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA

This post is a few days later that I had hoped, but I still wanted to get to it. This was the first time I have been back on my TT bike (2007 Felt B2) in over two months. I still had it set up from Oceanside with my HED3 front and HED Jet Disc with Powertap, so I took it out to the island that way. I did a short warm up (an easy 5 miles), but didn’t really feel like doing much more. There was a great turnout again and I was a little concerned about seeding towards the back again. The island can get fairly crowded sometimes, and seeding further back means there are more people I will have to pass. I saw Mike Plumb about 6 spots ahead of me, and since he destroyed me last month I actually was hoping I’d pass him this time. He was starting about a minute ahead of me, so if I passed me I would know I had redeemed myself. No such luck though. I never passed him and found out his time was about ½ minute faster than mine.

Above is my power file for the TT. The second lap is my cool down. My average power was 343 watts, which I actually thought was pretty high for this performance. I thought maybe the powertap wasn’t calibrated since I hadn’t used this one in a while. I checked it out after though, and now I think it was reading accurately. Here was by best performance (only 40 or so seconds faster) back on October 11, 2009 on left, and this TT on right:

Not as different as I expected since I don’t feel nearly in as good of shape now.

Results like this are changing some of my thoughts on how I want to prepare for Kona this year. I feel that over the past 2 years I have tried to make big improvements in my speed. I have seen some improvement, but for the overall effort the improvements seem rather marginal. Basically I am going to attempt to reduce my fatigability at the longer distances. I’ll still do some short races to keep the speed I have, but will focus on efforts over longer distances.