Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010

Location: Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA

This race was an idea by Brendan Wolters. He had sent out an email to a few people and suggested we just get together and race. I hadn’t RSVP’d because I’ve been rather flaky (with myself) on my training plan lately, so I waited to see if I actually got myself out the door or not. I figured the worst case would be that no one decided to race and I would just do a brick workout on the island.

I woke up this morning around 5:30, and wanted to leave the house around 6. I had plenty of time. I prepped my bike, loaded my shoes and goggles and some food into a shoe bag, had a cup of coffee and after wasting some time actually hit the road around 6:10. I decided to ride to the island since it is only about 12 miles from my house and it is light out at 6 now. I got there a little early, so I rode another 5 miles on the island. People trickled in, and we ended up with about 7 people racing, but 2 chose to not swim.

The start/finish/transition was located at the same place as the tri-club races. The swim plan was to go out to from the beach to the island and back. This was the first time I used my Garmin 310XT to record my swim and this is what it tracked:

The total swim distance I recorded was 1.26 miles. Just by looking at my sweeping swim route on the way out (I wasn’t sure what I was sighting on), and the overall jagged course, it is probably safe to say that the course was approximately a mile. My time was just under 22 minutes, which is pretty much what I would expect for a mile course.

The bike was 6 large laps on Fiesta Island, which equates to about 24.6 miles.

Here is a summary from the bike portion. My effort felt strong, but not quite at race effort. My averaged HR was 138, and I would usually see it in the 150’s during an actual race of this length. My power and speed was okay, but not quite to what I’ve done in other races.

The last segment was the run, and it was about 6.6 miles (as planned). The plan was to run a big loop, and the small loop (which is usually the south loop). A couple people misunderstood this, being used to the club races and did the shorter loop, which totaled about 6 miles instead of 6.6. It didn’t matter. We were there for a good workout and some friendly competition to fire us up. It can be challenging to put forth a hard effort when training alone. My run was rather unremarkable. It was similar to the run I did last week at the Armed Forces Championships (as far as pace goes), but I did feel more relaxed.

I love the idea of racing for free. TCSD’s club races are fantastic because they draw a great mix of triathletes, and they are free! There is competition available for everyone at these events. I have a feeling that we will be doing some more of these unofficial events over the summer.

Following the event a couple of us went for a short ride. I just rode back home, so I got in another 12 miles. All in all it was a great way to start the day!