The San Diego International Triathlon wasn’t one of my best performances, this year or last year. Since the official results came out though, I thought I would compare 2009 and 2010 results.

2009 2010
Swim 13:18 14:41
T1 1:59 2:14
Bike 46:58 48:07
T2 1:32 1:46
Run 45:24 43:20
Total 1:49:11 1:50:08
Norm Power 281 289
Avg Torque 308 274
Weight 207.4 219.2
Pwr/Wt 2.98 2.90
Canon Ascent 5:07 5:43
Canon Descent 2:00 2:07

One of the benefits of keeping a training log is that you can do some comparisons like this. I feel that my fitness is far worse than this comparison shows. Of course my weight is up, so once that gets back down to something more reasonable I’ll probably feel back on track. The data regarding the time up and down Canon I got using a feature on

Molly has been doing great though. I don’t brag enough about Molly on this blog. Here are her results:

2009 2010
Swim 20:45 18:35
T1 2:39 4:27
Bike 56:02 52:09
T2 2:07 2:37
Run 53:04 52:36
Total 2:14:37 2:10:24

She improved her overall time 4 minutes, but it should have been about 6 minutes. Her T1 was slowed drastically by crowds in the transition area. Cutting two minutes off the swim and four minutes off the bike are very impressive!