Here is a quick review of the permanents and brevets to complete my 2nd R-12 challenge. I’m not putting any details here, just reviewing the Southern California areas I rode. It’s interesting to look back, but what I am actually excited about are all the rides I’ll do in the next 12 months leading to PBP.

8/22/2009 San Diego Randonneurs 300K Brevet

9/7/2009 Rollers to Bonsall

10/18/2009 Rainbow Ramble

11/01/2009 Butterfield Stagecoach

12/5/2009 Rainbow Prelude

1/2/2010 PCH 200K Brevet

2/15/2010 Sunset Beach Safari

3/15/2010 Old Town to Warner Springs

4/18/2010 Lazy Lizard Lowdown

5/9/2010 Coastal Cruise

6/19/2010 San Diego Randonneurs 300K Brevet

7/5/2010 Rainbow Prelude