Day 3, Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today is race check in. We slept in until 6, and around 7 headed down to Sonoma where Molly and I got a quick healthy breakfast at Sunflower Café. Okay, this isn’t yelp, but if it was I’d have to give them 3 stars. The food ended up being pretty good (better than Panera, for reference). It was odd though because our food arrived before Molly’s latte, and when Molly got her egg and ham sandwich, the toast was burnt. When she picked up the bread it was REALLY burned on the inside. Such an amateur move. I imagine the chef wasn’t much of a chef. I had a chicken omelet, which was fairly healthy, but being a critic I’ll admit the chicken was too dry. The potatoes that came with the omelet were also not that good, so I left them. Potatoes are not on the Paleolithic diet anyway, so they were a good thing to leave behind.

Molly and I went for a ride together today. I wasn’t sure that Molly would want to ride since we are running a half-marathon tomorrow, but she insisted. Her cycling has improved a lot. Although she doesn’t follow any particular training plan, she follows how she feels and also follows my example. She also rides very smooth and is able to stay in my slip stream pretty well. She knows that there are times she has to push it to stay in the draft at all cost. I try to watch the accelerations and check frequently to make sure I don’t drop her. Our ride consisted of 41 miles, then another 5.5 miles to the race check in. After checking in for the race we rod back another 5.5 for a total of 52 miles. I then went for a 4.2 mile run and Molly went along with me on her bike. Here are the routes:

It was a good brick workout. One of the principles that I haven’t been too good at implementing is doing a run after every long ride. Maybe it’s because a lot of my long rides are over 100 miles, and going for a run (even 2 miles) just doesn’t seem appealing at all. Following a 52 mile ride, going for a run doesn’t seem too bad, and it is a good exercise for the legs in prepping for doing an Ironman.

Here are a few pics from our ride:

We rode through many vineyards and wineries.

I know I said Molly was drafting, but obviously she dropped me at some point.

We weren’t on the tandem today, but still riding in the same kit. We stopped in Whole Foods afterwards and before the cashier acknowledged our kits she called me out for having 13 items in the 10 and less line. It wasn’t like anyone else was there!

This wasn’t the steepest climb of the day, but it is on the half marathon course, and is the steepest climb on that route.

After we finished the first 41 miles.

At te race check in.

A well deserved lunch, at 1:30 after finishing 52 mile bike and 5.5 mile run.

Molly’s eggplant sandwich was so good we had to share!