Day 4, Friday, July 18, 2010

Today is the day that Molly, her brother, and I ran the Sonoma Half Marathon. I wrote a separate post that is here. Following the race we were given a wine glass for wine tasting. There were a lot of wineries present, with 2-4 samples available each. I’m not a big wine drinker, and was planning on doing a ride after the race, but my legs were killing me much more than I expected. I gave in to some wine tasting, but only had about 6 samples. I rested a little later, had a cup of coffee, and was ready to go for a ride. Molly was up for going with me too, and we covered about 32 miles together. I had to ride up the hill to our vacation rental at least once before we left Sonoma. Although I was pretty exhausted, I went for it. Here is the elevation profile of the ride. Note the last couple miles where I rode up to the house.

I would have totally regretted not doing that climb. The climb was rather miserable though. Part of the climb would have been tougher, but I had to zig-zag across the road just to keep going. There was a turn off mid way of the toughest part that I took just to stop for a minute to rest and recoup. When I stopped my legs were shaking and I could barely stand. I finished off my water bottles since I was feeling the full effects of the heat at 3-4 mph. I encountered a dog during the climb, and fortunately it was behind a fence. If not, he would have caught me at my 3.6 mph pace, and I probably would have just fallen over and let him eat me. I surely didn’t have enough energy to kick the dog off of me.

Here is the route that we took:

This ride was mostly similar to the half marathon and the ride we did yesterday, but then we went south down to the Napa River. The community was interesting down there. Most of the homes were only on the river side, and there was a marina but not much else. The road ended, so we had to turn around and go back to the vineyards. It was a little surreal since we rode through the vineyards, and ended up in a mariner type area that did not resemble the vineyards at all.

This is my second week of high training volume. Here is a summary:

It may look like my training has dropped a lot this week, but it is still 20.3 hours of training. This does not include any pauses (stop lights) or breaks, so it is a true amount of training time. Twenty hours is a lot of training, so I think things are going pretty well still. I plan on having another week of high volume during this vacation.

Here is my Performance Management Chart for the past 4 weeks:

My CTL (blue line, which is a measure of ‘fitness’) is approaching 100. Last Sunday it was at a high of 95.9, and today it is at 97.6. I have noticed from past performances that when my CTL is over 100 my fitness is great. The yellow line is my Training Stress Balance, and when negative is a good indication of the fatigue level. Since it is rather negative, my performance is not going to be optimal (proven by today’s performance).

Thank you for reading my blog. I do appreciate any comments or questions you have.