Day 5, Monday, July 19, 2010

Molly and I had a great weekend in Sonoma. We spent the weekend with her brother and his wife (Mike and Donna) who came out from Atlanta, and Mike’s college friend and his wife (Dave and Leslie) who drove up from San Jose. Mike ran the half marathon with Molly and I, while the rest made a great cheering section. Over the weekend we took turns cooking dinner, and this morning I had the pleasure of using leftovers to make breakfast. I love to make scrambled eggs with meat, a nice high protein meal. We had some great steak leftover, so I chopped that up and mixed it with eggs, and it turned out pretty good. Molly sliced some pineapple and strawberries, and made some toast from a loaf of French bread. It was a nice big meal to start the day, which sustained me for over 2 hours in our ride.

Molly and I left Sonoma and headed to Sebastopol where we did a 50 mile ride up to Healdsburg. Here is the route we did.

Fairly early into the ride the route sheet said to turn onto a creek path. I saw the path, so we turned on it and found it to be all dirt and gravel. Molly was a little worried about it, but we took it easy. It was a beautiful path, but then we realized that there was a paved path on the other side of the creek! Here is the path we were riding on:

And the one that we should have been on:

We ended up on some nice rural roads that had chalk arrows and porta-potties, so we knew that we were on the Vineman 70.3 course. Vineman was yesterday. The countryside was great, and Molly had to stop and take pictures of happy cows. Here the cows are frolicking with geese.

The Wohler Bridge was pretty cool.

Here is the Russian River as seen from the Wohler Bridge.

After crossing the bridge, we headed up the Westside of the river to Healdsburg. There we stopped at a cool bike shop, Spoke Folk Cyclery, where one of the guys showed me a bunch of cool rides in the area, including rides that Levi Leipheimer does. Molly fell in love with a necklace there. I told her she could kiss it when she crossed the finish line. Here is a picture of it:

Back out on the country roads, returning to Sebastopol:

Following our ride, we drove up to Healdsburg. We are staying a night up on Dry Creek Road.

I had contemplated going for a run after the ride, but my legs were wiped out, and Molly was itching to go do more wine tasting. We went to several “boutique” wineries. I especially like the first one that we visited, Hawley, but we also visited three other tasting rooms. After that we went to Bear Republic Brewery where we had a great meal and I had a decent IPA. It was definitely a great day that we spent together, and to think our vacation isn’t even half over!