Day 6, Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is a long vacation. And it’s been so good already, I certainly didn’t imagine it getting much better. Today was an absolutely great day though.

The day started off with an early morning in Healdsburg. I went for a 7.5 mile run through the vineyards:

The run was great, but I am noticing a lot of fatigue. After breakfast Molly and I went for a ride, and covered almost 30 miles:

There are so many great places to ride up here that I was a little sad that my legs were so tired. I could spend a lot of time up here riding the hills.

At the end of our ride we stopped at Oakville Grocery. It’s a great little shop that Molly’s brother recommended to us. We just had our espresso, staying away from all the baked goods there. Their deli looked great too, and although it was already noon we decided not to eat because we’d probably have a big dinner lately. I left the scale at home this week, but am hoping to lose a few more pounds on vacation.

We then headed out to Calistoga, on the way stopping to see Old Faithful. At the geyser they had some fainting goats. We saw them, and their babies, but couldn’t get them to faint.

Since fatigue was kicking in, and I couldn’t ride for hours and hours today, it was time to relax a little. We had a ‘couples’ mud bath, mineral spa, and massage in Calistoga that was awesome. The mud was a little weird, but still relaxing. The massage was a bit painful, but after walking around town for a half hour I suddenly felt great. We did a little wine tasting, and then had an incredible meal at the Calistoga Inn. We had walked the entire town and looked at menus, and thought that the Calistoga Inn looked pretty good. Then after wine tasting we asked where to go to dinner, and it was the place that was recommended. It was good to get some confirmation on where we were thinking about going anyway. The food there was absolutely fantastic. This is one place that is a mandatory visit if you come to Calistoga.