Day 7, Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today we started off in Sacramento, so I did a 4.4 mile run, and then Molly and I met her dad for a bike ride. We rode along the American River bike path to Discovery Park. The ride was 19.5 miles each way, but on the way back I decided to do some intervals. My legs were still tired, but doing much better after taking an easy day yesterday. My intervals were 20 repeats of 1 min on, with 1 min recovery. This is a great workout that simulates some of the stress of race intensity. This is an aerobic workout with the interval intensity higher than threshold. Since there are 20 repeats it does require some pacing and stamina.

Here are the routes I did. I split the bike into two sections because I wanted to use the training feature on the Garmin 705.

The mean max power curves for the two rides are as follows. Notice the higher intensity of the second ride.

Average power for each interval:

Interval Average Power
1 503
2 409
3 426
4 413
5 400
6 432
7 391
8 429
9 378
10 397
11 364
12 403
13 423
14 417
15 384
16 276
17 309
18 442
19 420
20 392

The ones I highlighted were intervals where I had to coast through a section of the interval because of a sharp turn or because of traffic on the trail. Since I had to coast I tried to make up for it by sprinting. Overall there isn’t a huge difference between the intervals, except the first one before fatigue kicked in. I’ve had better performances in this workout before, but was please that I completed it, and also had some 400+ watt intervals at the end.

After the workouts we took Kendall with us to San Francisco where we are staying on the Embarcadero near Fisherman’s Warf.