Well, vacation has come to an end. Saturday was the Moss Beach 200K Brevet in Santa Cruz. My ride report is posted here. The rest of Saturday was spent recovering, getting a good meal and then walking a bit in downtown Santa Cruz. Sunday I decided my legs were a bit too fatigued to force more training, and travelling home is tiring enough, so I gave my legs the day off. Here is my training summary for the past 4 weeks:

I didn’t do any swimming while on vacation, but still got in a lot of hours on the bike and running. This week was 19.5 hours, even with today off. Next week I’ll be adding swimming back in (as well as work), so my legs will get some rest. Here is my 6 week Performance Management Chart.

My CTL broached 100 finally with yesterday’s 200K. My peak CTL was 105.6. This is my highest CTL yet. My previous high was 9/6/2009 at 104.1