July is over, and I’m pretty pleased with how my training is going so far. Of course I wish that I had maintained a high level of fitness since March, but life doesn’t always work out the way you hope for. I also wish that I had done in June what I had done in July, but I’ll have to deal with what I have for now.

This month was a big push for mileage, cycling more so than running, and running more so than swimming. I feel that I can boost my fitness faster with a high level of cycling.

Here are the totals.

Swimming: 13.7 miles

Cycling: 1019.1 miles

Running: 137.7 miles

I’m pretty sure that this is the first month that I have accumulated over 1000 miles on the bike. There are bigger months in my future, but I probably won’t break that mark again this year. The focus on cycling is going to be more on sustaining higher power over time, instead of just focusing on a lot of time.

I do intend to push up the running mileage. I am still running much slower than I’d like. Instead of focusing on speed though, I’m going to run more until the running feels better. Then I intend on doing more tempo runs, but I think doing the tempo runs now will just end up in low mileage and pathetic workouts. This week I ran over 45 miles, which is the most I’ve run in a week since August 2009. Here is a chart of my weekly running mileage since April 2009.

Here is my training summary for the past 5 weeks. I still totaled almost 22 hours of training this week even though I am back at work.