This weekend was another good training weekend with some solid efforts and good distance. Friday, going into the weekend I was feeling rather tired again during my swim, so I opted to stop after 40 minutes of the 60 minute workout, and take it easy the rest of the day. I knew I had a lot in store for the next couple days.

Saturday I went riding with the Canari-Navy Cycling Team. This is becoming a favorite for me on the weekends, and is a priority training ride when I don’t have anything else going on. That ride started in El Cajon, and went to La Mesa, to Honey Springs, to Lyons Valley, and back to La Mesa and El Cajon. I had ridden 11 miles there from home, so I got in a total of 82.5 miles. There were some great hard efforts, especially up Honey Springs where I had my best time. The 7 mile climb, from the 94 to the peak of Honey Springs I did in 36:20. On Strava, Joel Price holds a time of 35:44. Our own teammate, Tommy Brown, was so far ahead of me that I lost sight of him before half way up, so I suspect he destroyed Joel’s time. The only other times I have recorded for Honey Springs was when Molly and I were on the tandem and they were 53 minutes and 73 minute efforts, just more proof that climbing on the tandem is a great way to suffer. Who wants to spend over an hour climbing for 7 miles! Maybe if that is all you are doing, but we rode an additional 181 miles that day. You can read about that ride here.

After climbing Honey Springs we regrouped at the store on Lyons Valley. I caught this picture of our team captain, Kevin Childre, shortly after finishing Honey Springs.

After the ride on Saturday I headed up to Anaheim to meet Molly. She missed our ride Saturday ride because she was spending the day at Disneyland and checking us both in for the Disneyland Half Marathon. Sunday we did the footrace, which I wrote about here.

On our drive home Sunday night, Molly and I decided that for Labor Day we should go for a nice easy ride along the coast on our tandem. The plan was to leave from home, and ride to the coast and grab some breakfast at our turn around. Well, when we checked our email Saturday night we found out that Canari-Navy was planning a similar ride from Mission Valley up to Cardiff and back. The plan was 55 miles, and we like to ride to the start and then home from the finish, so we were looking at 75 miles. When we got up we were really sore still from the run, and were slow getting out the door, so we drove to the start instead.

The ride started off great, but we noticed even the slightest incline and we were having to push to keep with the group. No one could keep up with us on our descent down Torrey Pines, where we maxed out at 49 MPH for over 10 seconds. In Encinitas we had mechanical problems though. We turned into a short steep hill, and there was some pausing because it was the wrong turn, and we slowed to almost stopping. I had shifted down, and we pushed up the hill from almost a dead stop in a high gear, resulting in several teeth from our middle chain ring to break, bending the middle and small chain rings, and jamming the chain between the two damaged rings. We got it all sorted out, with the big chain ring working fine, but couldn’t catch back up to the group. We had mistaken the meeting place, so we rode put in some extra miles before we figured it out, ending with 62.5 miles. It ended up not being the relaxing ride we were looking for at the end of the weekend, but still worked out the kinks from the half marathon. Molly said that cycling up Torrey Pines in the big chain ring was her nightmare coming true, but it actually wasn’t too bad. We were moving quickly past several riders. I told Molly that we should start riding all the hills in the big chain ring!

Here is the group early in the ride in Rose Canyon.

And a quick peek over my shoulder at my stoker!

Thanks for reading my blog. Pass it on to a friend. There are more adventures to come!