Date: Saturday, November 06, 2010

Distances: ½ mile swim, 12.5 mile bike, 4 mile run

I’ve said it many times before that the club races are amongst my favorite races, and today’s race was just as awesome. This was the final club race for 2010. The end of the year tends to bring out fewer athletes because the season has usually rapped up, and the weather tends to not be as favorable. Following a couple super hot days in San Diego, the weather was much more mild but extremely comfortable for racing. The turnout was pretty decent with many first time triathletes, new club members, and plenty of regulars.

It was dark when we arrived, but the sun came up shortly before race start. I was excited about being able to come race since it was 4 weeks after Kona and I hadn’t seen a lot of my tri club friends since the race. I thought about warming up for the race, since I was hoping to perform decently and it is tough to start a race without any warm up, but decided to relax and chat with people instead. The guy I was next to in transition (sorry, forgot his name already) is Marine that recently transferred to Camp Pendleton. He had done the Marine Corps Marathon last week, and this was his 4th triathlon, 1st club race. He had just started triathlons this summer and found out about the tri club after seeing so many tri club uniforms at the Mission Bay Triathlon. I think it’s awesome to see excitement in new triathletes like him. He was definitely jazzed about the race and I think his family enjoyed spectating.

My swimming has been coming along pretty well. I’m not sure how fast I was this time, but since I didn’t warm up I kept my effort at about 90%, quick but comfortable. I was glad that when I exited I could see the 4 people ahead of me. I passed one in transition, and then another right after the start of the bike. The lead cyclist created enough distance and was going fast enough that it took me about 3.5 miles to catch him. He said I scared him when I flew by. I didn’t realize it was Keith Butsko until I caught him. I created some decent distance on Keith, but was passed about ½ mile into the run, and then Matt Dixon passed me about 1.5 miles into the run.

One thing I like to do with these club races is some comparison tables. It helps me track my performance on the same course over time. I’m going to save the analysis for a later club race though when I am starting to ramp up the intensity. Right now I’m reminding myself daily about the purpose of the base training period.