Date: Sunday, November 07, 2010

Route: 200K from OB to Escondido, to Rainbow, back to Fallbrook, to Oceanside, return along coast to OB

The significance of this permanent was huge for Molly, who finished her first R-12 award. I’ve written about the RUSA R-12 award, which is earned after completing a 200K or longer permanent or brevet each month for 12 consecutive months. This may just seem like a pretty good goal to have, but I think it is much tougher than it sounds. There aren’t a lot of people that actually do this. Also, completing one brevet is a good accomplishment, but to stay committed through the year with other events and commitments can be quite difficult. Molly has been riding a lot less than usually the past month due to going to Hawaii and her recent accident. Getting out today probably wasn’t something she felt too excited about, but she did it! The result of the R-12 is not just a great medal, but proof of living an active life and striving for fitness throughout the year.

We started the ride at 6 am, but since we switched to standard time from daylight savings time we ended up with an extra hour of sleep, and started in daylight. If we had realized ahead of time that we would have this time change we would have started at 5 am, planning to ride the first hour in the dark. Anyway, it worked out well. We had a couple emergency lights with us, but we finished in just over 9 hours at around 3 pm with plenty of light still. The ride actually consisted of about 8 hours of riding, as we had several bathroom stops, 3 controls, and some urban riding with a lot of stop lights. We had the pleasant surprise of running into our friend Danielle who was out for a walk in La Jolla.

Here is the route recorded by my Garmin:

The route had some decent climbs and views to go with them. Here is the profile from my Garmin:

We had the privilege to begin the ride with Dion Dyer, the route owner, and saw him a couple times during the first half. Here are a few pictures from the ride:

Every workout should have a purpose. Besides Molly completing her R-12 (and now I am 4 months into my 3rd R-12), my training objective was low power distance, with a focus on spinning. I did this ride entirely in the small chain ring. I was tempted several times to bring it to the large chain ring, so those were the times that I concentrated on bringing the cadence up. The highest gearing I used was 39X13. At around mile 50 my Garmin fell off my bike because the mount broke when I hit some bumps. At that time my average power was about 207, but I had to ride the next 75 miles with the computer in my back pocket. It is nice to ride without feedback sometimes, but I had been watching my power and cadence pretty closely. I tried to hold back so that I wasn’t pushing over 250 watts, and I was surprised at the end of the ride to find out my average power had dropped to 172. This resulted in a TSS much less than I had expected: 280 instead of 350. So, I fell short of my week’s TSS goal of 1000 at 935. I don’t believe in trying to make up workouts mileage though. Instead I will march on with this week’s TSS goal of 1100 and see how it goes. Besides weekly TSS, I am tracking my running frequency and mileage very closely. The run is where I need to focus a lot right now, so I need to progress gradually without having really light weeks and really heavy weeks. Last week I ran 31 miles over 5 days, so I’ll try to get 34 miles in this week, over 4-5 days and make up the necessary TSS with cycling.