Dates: Saturday/Sunday, November 13-14, 2010

This Saturday the Canari-Navy Cycling Team was planning a ride up Palomar. I remembered George Vargas telling me about a series of training rides where he stayed in a cabin at Lake Henshaw. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get some good workouts in this weekend and spend some quality time with the family. Besides the workouts we did some fishing, played cards and trivial pursuit, made smores and enjoyed “camping” with the comfort of a heated cabin.

Saturday’s ride started in Santa Ysabel, so I rode out there to meet the group. On the way from Santa Ysabel I was introduced to Mesa Grande Road. Mesa Grande provided some great climbing, and we avoided a lot of the traffic on the 79 and 76. Mesa Grande Road taps into the 76, just a few miles east of where we were camping. About 10 mile further and we turned onto South Grade Road up Palomar Mountain. Kevin Childre schooled us all, finishing a few minutes ahead of me. I started my push a few miles before the climb up South Grade Road, hoping to capture a new personal best 90 minute power. When I arrived at the store I was still short of the 90 minute push, so I continued on to the observatory. The road to the observatory is another 5 miles, and initially is downhill. The descent felt refreshing, but I was still trying to keep the power from dropping too much so it wasn’t complete rest. I appreciated how tired my legs were as soon as I had to start climbing again. By the time I reached the observatory parking lot my legs were pretty shot, but at least the majority of the remaining ride would be an easy descent. Did I reach my goal of setting a new peak 90 minute power? No. My best CP90 was 291 on 8/28/10 at the TCSD Olympicman Triathlon (flat course on TT bike). This time my CP90 was 283. Still not bad. There will be more opportunities to set a new personal best. On the descent down East Grade Road we saw Moment Cycle Sport Cycling Team climbing. I’m sure I knew more of the riders, but the only one I recognized right away was store owner JT Lyons. It seems that I rarely recognize a cyclist on my rides, so it was pretty cool seeing them out there.

Here is Canari-Navy, heading toward Palomar Mountain:

Getting ready for the descent:

Saturday evening I tried going for a run around the lake, but had trouble finding any decent trails. Later I found a lot of fire roads that go north of Lake Henshaw that looked like they would be good to run on. That will have to wait for another day. Molly ended up catching a catfish that was a great addition to our dinner.

Sunday I got up early and went for a 7 mile run. The run was 1 mile from the campground to East Grade Road, 2.5 miles up East Grade Road, then return. After some breakfast and packing I decided it would be a shame to leave without climbing Palomar again. I started my ride at about 10:40, riding up East Grade Road, doing a little exploring on some roads on top of Palomar and taking some pictures. I descended back down East Grade Road and went up Mesa Grande Road opposite the direction I had done on Saturday. There were a couple of steep sections that I’m pretty sure were steeper than South Grade Road. I arrived in Santa Ysabel, had some lunch, and then pushed all the way home. I was hoping to beat sunset, which was at 4:45, and I arrived home at exactly 4:45. One thing I thought was strange was besides a couple cyclists I saw standing around at the top of Palomar, I didn’t see a single cyclist out until I was 1 mile from home. I passed him on the 52 bike path, and found out he was finishing a 95 mile ride, the same as me. I was a perfect day for riding, even better than Saturday was. I didn’t even bother packing any arm warmers with me for the descent down Palomar.


Here are the profiles for both rides:

Training summary for the week:

Swim: 12,700 yards

Bike: 211 miles

Run: 33.8 miles (goal was 34 miles)

TSS: 1142 (goal was 1100)