Date: November 22, 2010

Distance: 85 miles

This weekend was rainy and cold in San Diego. The random randonneur would probably think “who cares?” as randonneurs are accustomed to riding in all types of weather and through the night. This was certainly the case when I lived in Maryland and started randonneuring. When I was moving from San Diego to Maryland in 2004 I figured I wouldn’t even run in the winter because while living in San Diego I just didn’t do much training if the temperature was less than 50 degrees. In San Diego you can get away with that because rain and cold weather is pretty rare. Originally I was planning on finishing off last week with a big weekend with about 200 miles of riding and 6 miles of running. My goal for the week was a Training Stress Score (TSS) of 1200.

Saturday I headed out for a ride because it wasn’t raining yet. Six minutes into my ride it was raining, and it was a cold rain. I had dressed appropriately, but decided that getting in a lot of miles was not that appealing. After all, it is the offseason…

My revised plan was to change the week into a rest week, with a TSS goal of 750, and then roll into the next week starting a new build. My weekly TSS goals for this week were 1000, 1100, 1200, 750, then rolling into 1100, 1200, 800. Now I’ve changed it to 1000, 1100, 750, 1000, 1100, 1200, 800. There are a few other reasons why I chose this, but the point is that when things don’t work out exactly as planned you need to be flexible and adjust the plan a little. I mapped out the change using the PMC predictor spreadsheet that I had mentioned in another post, and there is minimal effect overall.

With the light training days and rain over the weekend I was able to get enough work done that I was able to head out today for a little extra training. I did my regular master’s swim from 0530-0630, completing 3200 yards in the workout. Then I headed from Mission Valley out to Rancho San Diego to start the Cameron Corners Cruise Permanent.

I didn’t run into any rain today, but there were some cold moments. The starting temperature was 48 degrees, and in Pine Valley it was low 40’s, overcast and breezy. These temperatures are cold in San Diego, but pretty nice in much of the country. I brought plenty of layers and was changing throughout the ride. One the climbs I’d have to keep peeling stuff off, and put things back on for the descents. Here is the profile for the ride:

Here is the route:

Training summary for last week:

Swim 12,000 yards

Bike 83 miles

Run 38 miles (goal: 37 miles)

TSS 767 (revised goal: 750)

For more info on the Cameron Corners Cruise Permanent, check out Mike Berry’s blog.