Date: November 25, 2010 (Thanksgiving Day!)

Distance: 5 miles

This morning Molly and I decided to get up early and head to Oceanside for a “Family Tradition”, running a turkey trot race. We ran for Move Your Feet Before You Eat Foundation, and we did just that! It was very chilly this morning, as it should be on Thanksgiving, but there was no ice or snow on the ground, so we knew we were still in Southern California. The course finished along the coast, and it was gorgeous out today.

I clocked my time as 34:07 on my Garmin, with my splits being 16:58 and 17:09. Not quite an even split, but pretty close. I noted that my aerobic capacity was hardly being tapped at all, but my legs still aren’t that quick yet. A few more months for that…