Today I finished week one of base two period training. My goals for the week were:

Long run of 14 miles – DONE

Threshold run of 5 miles (O-side Turkey Trot) – DONE

Sub-threshold run of 11 miles – DONE

Total run mileage 34 miles – Actual was 34.1

85% threshold power on climbs – DONE

85% threshold power intervals – DONE

Training Stress Score of 1000 – Actual was 1183


My TSS was a bit higher than I had planned. Next week I am planning a TSS of 1100, and will try to keep it there. I ended up with a high TSS and still had a lot of running to get in, forcing my TSS even higher, otherwise I would have backed off. I really need to focus on rebuilding my running and thought that not meeting my running goals to keep my TSS closer to 1000 would be more detrimental than having the higher than planned TSS.

Totals for the week:

Swim 12,400 yards

Bike 195 miles

Run 34.1 miles

TSS 1183


Next week’s goals:

Long run of 17 miles

Sub-threshold run of 11 miles

Total run mileage 37 miles

85% threshold power on climbs

85% threshold power intervals

Training Stress Score of 1100