Nov 2010

Dec 2010


32.3 mi

33.3 mi


697 mi

659 mi


143 mi

173 mi


82.20 hr

81.14 hr




Avg IF









Weight ∆

-4.6 lbs

+1.6 lbs


Today is 1/1/11, entering the New Year, with two months of training for the 2011 season already done!

Usually my training doesn’t begin until 1/1, so I feel that I am way ahead with a couple months of base training behind me.

Mid-December I took a rest week, but then followed it with three days of no training because of our ski trip. This resulted in a sharp drop in my CTL to 125.9 on 12/22. I am surprised it came back so quickly, but I did notice feeling flat with some loss of fitness with that drop. I have been planning increasing weekly TSS with rest weeks and rest days, but have decided to change my strategy a little. TSS is comprised of time and intensity. The total amount of time I have to train is already limited, so the only way to increase my TSS is by increasing the intensity. Since my CTL is already high, it isn’t likely that I will be able to increase it much more. I will therefore focus on what my training is comprised of, trying to make it more race specific each month. As for rest days and rest weeks, I am pretty good at taking inventory of my fatigue, and will rest a little when I am especially fatigued, or before a planned hard effort. Otherwise, life creates plenty of rest opportunities. If I plan rest days ahead of time, they often can fall on days when I have time to exercise, and then may be followed by days that I should be exercising but am tied up with other things. My training therefore has to remain rather fluid, and as long as I keep an eye on the totals and stay focused it should workout.

Over the next three months I plan on gradually increasing the amount of zone 3 and zone 4 exercise I do. I haven’t been racing for a while now, and have enjoyed the break, but am also looking forward to the higher intensity that racing provides.

I would have liked it if my weight had dropped over the holidays, but am actually pleased that it isn’t worse than it is. There were a lot of dinners, gift baskets, baked goods, and time to eat. Now that it’s January, the excuses are gone and it’s time to focus. The benefits of weight loss on cycling up hill and in running are phenomenal. Although I am trying to improve my fitness to do both better, losing a few pounds will provide much better results, even at the same level of fitness. I’ve read many accounts and claims (and experienced personally) of a 2 second per mile increase in running pace for every extra pound of weight that is lost. That is huge! So by losing 20 pounds I can see a 17 minute improvement in my marathon time. Relying on training alone is not likely to provide such an improvement. I guess it’s time to steer clear of the donut shop!