Ok, it’s nearly mid-February and I’m just now posting the January Training Summary…

Well, life happens, and after the wonderful holidays and going back to work I realized I really needed to buckle down on things. I’m in my final months of residency, and started a 3 month rotation that required more commuting (the most stressful part of my day, usually) and I really needed to wrap up my thesis. The ‘training plan’, blog, any other extras had to suffer for a little while. It is questionable as to whether I became more effective at actually getting things done during this time, but it was more of realizing that I really needed to focus my energy on my responsibilities rather than my hobbies. Such is the life an athlete with a family and career. This goes back to the Wall Street Journal article I mentioned in my last post.

Now things are getting a little better. At least I can focus on upcoming races a little more. It’s not like I stopped working out, but the numbers I’m about to post I haven’t even glanced at until now. I didn’t bother because it was going to be a bit depressing and I wasn’t ready to fix it yet.

Adding to the summary table I posted last month:


Nov 2010

Dec 2010

Jan 2011


32.3 mi

33.3 mi

10.7 mi


697 mi

659 mi

581 mi


143 mi

173 mi

84 mi


82.20 hr

81.14 hr

53.95 hr





Avg IF












Weight ∆

-4.6 lbs

+1.6 lbs

+5.0 lbs


Although I did compromise a lot of my training structure and lost a lot of the volume, I maintained some exercise in there (averaging 1:45 per day). I really did the workouts more for my own sanity and to maintains some fitness than to try to improve, which is why I refused to pay much attention to metrics during this time. My swimming has probably suffered the most. I went from swimming 4-5 days/week to 1, occasionally 2 days. Unfortunately that pattern is going to continue until April. My running also suffered, with a big drop in volume. My cycling has suffered some, but overall I probably lost the least amount in this discipline. My weight, well, you know… less exercise and more stress usually means I’ll eat more crap and gain weight. This pattern is holding true.

Now, back to my goals of Oceanside and Ironman St. George: These races are now only 7 and 12 weeks away. I definitely have sufficient base to complete them, but the question is how race ready will I be. Tough to say today, but all is not necessarily lost. By fixing my diet and losing some weight, and introducing more race specific workouts on a more consistent basis, the races may go well. The best way to look at this period (which actually extended into February) is as a bit of rest before the hard push up to St. George.

Now that I’ll be writing a bit more, check back soon for some new ride/race/training reports.