I know, I know, I know…. No posts for a while!

This week about a dozen people have asked me about my recent silence. Well, if DNF, DNS and unusually poor performance hasn’t caught your attention, then apparently my silence has. Training hasn’t been going well for a few months. I have had a few things to write about, and I will not try to catch up on them all now. That would lead to a long post (laden with excuses) that wouldn’t catch much interest. Instead, a short post on getting back into training, or just starting training.

You can train based on a periodized schedule, but the first thing that is of crucial importance to anyone that wishes to move ahead is establishing a routine. This is easier to do if you are only training for one sport, but essentially the principles are the same for triathlon. What I recommend is looking at the time blocks you have available to train and try to go through the motions of getting in some exercise, daily. The amount and type of exercise is much less important than getting out there and doing something.

This is what I’ve been trying to do for several weeks now. Last week I had my first week of exercise everyday since the second week in January. For several weeks prior I worked out 2-5 days, many days only about 30 minutes. Again, the length of the workout was not nearly as important as establishing a daily routine. Even 10 minutes can help you establish a routine that you become used to.

Now that it is May 1, I am beginning to develop some training goals for this month. I have noticed a huge drop in my aerobic fitness with my heart rate 10 beats/min higher for the same power as I had seen previously. My FTP has also taken a tumble, with a high of 340 last Fall, to 307 at the beginning of March, to 296 currently. My CTL has also dropped from a high of 147.3 on 8/8/2010, back to another peak of 145 on 12/31/2010, to a low of 67.6 on 4/21/2011. A CTL of 68 doesn’t tell the whole story though, because some people couple probably muster up a decent (short) race with that, but it is what your CTL is “made of”. Mine was made of sitting around eating donuts, with the occasional easy workout to keep my fitness from plummeting to zero.

My training in May is essentially to reestablish my aerobic base, with a large focus on cycling. I will do this with a lot of zone 2 riding. The good new is that once I have that aerobic base back, my training can begin to shift to more quality workouts without being up at a peaked CTL.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I look forward to seeing you at the races.