A friend recently told me that he hasn’t been impressed lately with my blog. Well, hopefully that will change soon. I’ve been trying to get back into good training for a while now. This month I’ve had to focus on the basics: building that base back. At the beginning of April I saw how high my heart rate was for the power I was putting out, and knew that my base had really crumbled. I’ve established a huge base before by focusing on the bike. This month I did Ironman St George, which was a phenomenal event that I limped through with a 6:19 marathon to finish in 13:39. I really needed that finish because besides a poor base I’ve had a series of DNFs and DNSs this year and was starting to feel I was losing that drive to push on. Two weeks after Ironman St George I went to Sacramento to ride in the Train of Pain with Canari-Navy Cycling. There is a great blog telling many of the stories of the ToP, so instead of reiterating them just read the blog. On day 3 of the Train of Pain, I noticed my heart rate was coming down for the effort, which was rather encouraging. My goal was to increase the amount of Zone 2 riding I was doing, but more importantly was decreasing the amount of zone 1. With group rides, and long rides it is tough to not get a lot of zone 1 riding in. You need those breaks for when it’s time to pull or surge, or just to try to hang when others surge. Here is my power distribution from 5/7 through 5/26 (minus three days of ToP when I was riding without my powertap):

In my previous post I showed that I had just over 35% in Zone 2, and 34% in Zone 1. Interestingly, Zones 3 and 4 dropped a little, Zone 5 remained the same, and Zone 6 increased a bit. Overall I’m rather pleased with the boost to my fitness I’ll reap from the Train of Pain, and as soon as I recover will start pouring in the Zone 3 and 4 training.

My ToP stats (5 consecutive day totals): 464.31 miles, 33,038 ft of climbing


Avg HR

Max HR

Normalized Power

Ironman St George



ToP Day 1




ToP Day 2




ToP Day 3




ToP Day 4




ToP Day 5