Yesterday I did a short brick workout. A brick is a combination of two workouts without a break between so that you can get used to transitions in triathlons. It can be tough beginning a fast run after your legs are already taxed from cycling. Yesterday’s workout was about 2 hours of cycling followed by 20 minutes of running. I am doing a workout similar to this once per week.

Because of my schedule this week (work and family) I was left with my long run and long bike workout today. It was basically another brick workout, but I reversed the order. I did a run of almost 2 hours followed by almost 4 hours on the bike. Since I like to ride long, this helped to tire out my legs before heading out on the ride. My legs were definitely tired, but my goal was to get mostly zone 2 riding in. Here is my power distribution for the ride:

Over 45% of the ride was in zone 2. I was also pleased to see that I had more zone 3 riding than zone 1.