Today I jumped on my time trial (TT) bike, Nautilus, a 2011 Felt B2. I hadn’t been on that bike since Ironman St. George on May 7. I am officially done with base training though, and as I move into more race specific training I need to spend a day per week on the TT bike. I really prefer to ride the road bike, but tempo rides are the perfect workout to spend on the TT bike because that is what it’s designed for.

I really don’t care much for training at Fiesta Island because it is not that safe. It is a place that you can train without having to make any slow turns or stops (unless a person, car, or dog jumps in your way). I did my warm up by cruising from my house down to the island, and then did a 30 minute threshold workout. My 30 minute power was 319 Watts, and my 20 minute heart rate was 156 (30 minute was 155). I will now use 319 as my functional threshold power (FTP), and 156 as my threshold heart rate. Although FTP is based on what you can do in an all out 60 minute race, triathlon and cycling coach Joe Friel recommends using the 30 minute non-race test as your FTP since during a race you can generally put out higher power. I played around with this calculator too: The calculator uses a mathematical model to estimate your FTP off of two shorter tests, and I came up with about 316, so not really that big of a difference.