I mostly write about my bike workouts, which is what this post is primarily about again, but the bike is only about ½ the time I actually workout, and 1/3 of my workouts. I am doing 12 workouts a week, 4 Swim, 4 Bike, and 4 Run. I only mention this because I had such a great swim this morning. Coach Scott began with a motivational speech, and then we started the main set of 3 X100, 3 X 200, 3 X 300, 3 X 200, 3 X 100. This may seem boring to a lot of swimmers, but to a triathlete this is an awesome workout. We kept a tough interval, and during the 300’s I thought I was going to barf. I had started in Lane 4 so I could lead the lane and swim against the lead swimmer in Lane 3, Richard. During the 200’s though Richard and I were lapping people in our lanes, so we had to change it to Richard and I in Lane 3 and the other six people crammed into Lane 4. I don’t know where Dave Platfoot was, because he’s usually there on Monday, and he should have definitely been swimming with us. My guess is he’ll show up tomorrow rested and wondering why the rest of us are barely moving.

My evening workout was on the bike, and consisted of 6 X 90 second intervals. Last week I did the same intervals, but they were on the road bike going up a steep climb. This time I did them on the TT bike, in the aerobars (no standing), on flat ground. I couldn’t rely on mashing gears to get the power up this time. I had to push and pull, recruit as many motor units as possible, and hold it for the interval. The results, compared to last week are below:


Last Week
























So, a little lower power overall than when I did the intervals on a steep hill, but not that much lower. If I kept out the last interval, which was a low outlier, the average power would be 425 Watts, very close to what I did on the hill climbs.

Now, a couple shout outs. First to San Diego Running Institute. I had won a total of six gift certificates at TCSD Club races in 2008/2009, each for $25. This is a great sponsorship, but unfortunately I don’t go to SDRI because they don’t carry the shoes I train or race in. Yesterday we were cleaning out some drawers and came across the gift certificates that I never used. Since they were so old, I figured they probably weren’t good anymore, so I was about to throw them away. My 22 year old son Mark said he wanted them though because he needed a new pair of running shoes. I gave them to him, but warned him that they may not be good, or that he may not be able to combine them. He went there yesterday but they were closed, and they had a 10% off coupon for stopping by when they weren’t open. He returned today, used the coupon and the gift certificates and got an awesome pair of shoes, and still has credit left over. He said their service was great and they were very friendly. It is now his favorite running store. So, although I’ve never been there, I feel I should give them the credit they deserve and recommend supporting them as they have supported the Tri Club.

Finally, a big shout out to my friend Brandon Mills who qualified for Kona at Ironman CDA yesterday (M30-34 division). Brandon has been chasing that Kona dream for some time. I’m familiar with at least four Ironmans he did where he had great finishes. A lot of people want to qualify for Kona, and struggle with it, but missing qualifying by one spot twice is brutal. So much training dedication goes into preparing for a perfect Ironman race, and to barely miss that goal is brutal. At Ironman St. George this year he missed it by 16 seconds. Well, he finally made it, with another awesome race. Congratulations Brandon!!