Yesterday AM: Bike 2 X 16 minute efforts at threshold power with 10 minute active recovery between. I did this workout at Fiesta Island on the TT bike. Since last week my 30 minute test was at 319 watts, I tried to pace myself by having a goal of 320 watts for first interval, and then go for 330 watts during second interval. I ended up with 328 watts for the first and 331 watts for the second. The second interval was much tougher than I expected, but the results are good. The goal of having a higher average power for the second interval is key, and actually achieving it is better. Now, since there was little difference in the average powers, although the second felt much tougher, I think it was pretty well paced overall. Next time I do this workout I’ll have to try to keep it similar, just a little bit higher. The power was good, but not high enough at this point to reset my threshold above the current 319.

Yesterday PM: My legs were killing me from the bike, but I went out and ran 7.25 miles with 9 X 1 minute effort and 3 minute easy between. These were done on rolling terrain, so some flat, some uphill, some downhill. This was super tough, but I feel like I am just starting to see some speed develop. I’ve been using 7:05 as my threshold, and last week when I did 1 minute intervals it killed me to get under 7/mile. Then at the TCSD Aquathlon last Thursday I averaged just over 7/mile for the 5K run. Uggghhh… This time I was getting the pace to sub 6 min/mile (on the flats), so even though the workout was killing me it was good.

Today AM: Master’s swimming. Tough, primarily because I felt so wiped out from yesterdays bike and run workouts.

Today PM: 50 minutes on the track, including a 30 minute time trial. My legs were sore and fatigued, but somehow I dug deep and kept the pace at 6:45, fairly even throughout the 30 minutes. This is good enough to reset my threshold at 6:45, a 20 second/minute increase.

A little more about my run. I’ve said it several times recently that my run has turned to crap over the past 15 months. Over the past year I’ve been trying to enjoy running again, doing mostly slow runs, and the occasional long run. Well that hasn’t been working. Now for the past 5 weeks I’ve been doing a long run each week, but also getting some speed in. Short intervals of 30-60 seconds, 400’s, and tempo running. Now I’m starting to see results. It is so true that you cannot develop your running much by just running slow and easy. The speed has helped my running form and made the long runs feel better as well.

Weight is the next big thing. Extra weight hurts on the bike, especially when climbing, but it really hurts on the run. The two triathlons I have planned are not hilly courses, so I would do well on the bike anyway, but my run will suffer a lot if I don’t lose weight before racing. The difference in time at Superfrog between my current weight and my race weight could easily be 10 minutes, and that is with no changes to the workouts or fitness level I expect to have.