Wednesday I had a pile of workouts. First was a 2 miles of swimming where I managed to swim a 6:11 500 yd and 3:00 250 yd. Then I did a 10 mile bike, followed by an 8 mile run. The run included ten 1 minute sprints. Just a few weeks ago doing these I was struggling to get the pace below 7 minutes, but now I am managing to get down to 5:35 min/mile pace. Then I went out to Fiesta Island to join the Tri Club of San Diego for a practice time trial. It was very windy, and I left the aero helmet and race wheels at home. My goal wasn’t so much my time, but to test my new threshold of 328 watts that I set on Saturday. It took me just over 28 minutes for the 20K TT, but I kept going in order to have 30 minutes at threshold power. I ended up with 337 watts. The progress I’m currently seeing in all three disciplines is incredible right now. I feel that for over a year I’ve been floundering a bit and not making much progress in anything until now.