Saturdays I usually get my long ride in, and if I don’t have a race or brevet I’ll try to ride with the Canari-Navy Team. Today’s ride was a coastal 60 miles. I was really hoping for something with a lot of climbs where I knew there would be some hard efforts, but since it’s been so hot lately the cool coast was a great option. You never know who’s going to show up, but we had a good mix of strong riders with different strengths today. I took the opportunity to take many attacks, which just fired up Mike Brown ended up reacting to every attack of the day (there must have been at least 20), and he managed to crush them all too. I was pleased to discover that I set a new personal best for 30 second effort at 692 watts. My previous best was 671 watts set on 9/15/2009. Sure, I’ve probably ridden over 15,000 miles since then, but now I’ve finally set a new 30 second best. Yeah, I’m pretty stoked about that because I’ve had a lot of personal bests recently. I was commenting the other day to Dave Platfoot that at some time you are the best you’ve ever been, but you probably will never know it when you are there. I hope I keep setting new personal bests for some time.

Near the end of the ride (after climbing Torrey Pines) we met up with Navy Triathlon stud Cam Loos. He decided to join us for our traditional sprint down Santa Fe Dr. after going through Rose Creek Canyon bike path. Somehow I broke away and (maybe a light?) finished the challenge with at a tempo pace. I had no legs left anyway for any kind of sprint. Since I was there early I captured the sprint finish:

Mike Brown destroyed it, and that was pretty much how the entire ride went. I’ll admit, on the first attack downhill at Torrey I figured it was his TT bike that kept him up there, but he managed to destroy the hills just as easily. Josh and Brad (and occasionally Steve) were also formidable foes.

Also, Molly rode with us for the first time in a long time. She told us to not wait for her, but every time I looked back she had caught up to the group. I asked her what the two dozen guys that she passed along the coast did (they usually frown in disapproval when passed by a girl) but she never noticed because her focus was to stay within inches of the wheel ahead. This is a skill that a lot of people seem to have trouble learning, but with only a few years of cycling experience she is doing awesome.