Date: July 16, 2011

Distance: 200K

Route: San Diego to Dana Point and back

Today was the scheduled San Clemente 200K Brevet, put on by San Diego Randonneurs. Since Jim’s killer was found guilty this week, and the route went by where Jim was struck, it was very fitting to do this brevet in memory of Jim Swarzman. There was a good turnout for the early start ride (5:30 AM), and we were given memorial bracelets. I really think of Jim frequently, so I don’t need a bracelet to remind me that, but I still like the bracelet. I hope it provides me the opportunity to share Jim’s successes in life, and the tragedy that happened. It’s a message that people need to understand, whether they are cyclists of any variety and/or a motorist.

Molly has been back on the bike now for about a month now. After the accident in October (right after we got back from Kona) where she was run off the road into a parked car, she had a lot of knee and shoulder pain. Fortunately her knee is fine now, but her shoulder kept causing her a lot of pain so she took a long break from riding. Come to find out she has a labral tear, that will not heal with rest or rehab, so she is having surgery in a couple weeks. With that knowledge she decided to get back on the bike and in after last weekend’s ride she decided to give the 200K a shot. She did great, with a time just under 8 hours and 30 minutes!

I had already planned on doing the brevet on my time trial bike to get time in the aerobars, and to see if I could set a new PR for a 200K (currently 6:37). I figured I should be able to get under 6:30 at least, but ended up with an official time of 6:45. After reviewing my Garmin file though I noted that we actually started a little late, because my time was 6:40, total ride time was 6:17. The route was coastal which means there are a lot of lights and stop sign. I did opt to not ride on the I-5 though and went through Camp Pendleton in both directions, which definitely added time, and possibly a little distance. I ended up clocking 129 miles.

Time is an okay metric, but overall doesn’t mean that much when you can have power. I was hoping for a high power for the first three hours. I thought of comparing it to some of my best long rides.

Normalized Power for First 3 Hours (Rides were from 5-7+ hours in duration total)

Date Event Normalized Power
11/22/2009 Ironman Arizona 259
7/24/2010 Santa Cruz 200K Brevet 276
10/9/2010 Ironman Kona 269
1/15/2011 Rainbow 200K Brevet 269
7/16/2011 Swarzman 200K Brevet 259

I was hoping today to generate closer to 280 watts. One difference was that I didn’t really have anyone on my heels today as I did on the other rides. The aerobars felt good, and I am getting a good sense that I can hammer for 2+ hours in them pretty well at Superfrog on 9/11. There isn’t a lot of climbing along the coast, about 4200 feet of elevation gain today, but I tried to push fairly hard up the hills. There were many times that I wanted to give up the push before the summit, so I kept reminding myself of Jen Voigt: