It is now just a week and a half until the Superfrog Triathlon. I haven’t posted anything since the Camp Pendleton Triathlon. Up to Camp Pendleton I had been seeing incredible progress in my training. I was establishing new running threshold paces and new cycling threshold power almost every week. Things have since leveled out a bit, which is to be expected. Since I wasn’t seeing the same breakthroughs in my workouts, I decided to not post the results of workouts that seemed a bit pathetic in some cases. My effort for the workouts has been good, but the paces and powers weren’t really conveying that effort. If I was training without the technology of GPS and power meters, I wouldn’t be able to guess that though.

Even though I say the results seem a bit pathetic, I actually have had some great breakthroughs. During my last track workout, the final 400 meter repeat I did at 1:21, about 7 seconds faster than I’ve done on any 400 meter run this year. On 8/8 I set a new best 2 minute power at 475 Watts, during a 3 minute interval. My previous best was 461 Watts on 9/22/2009. That’s right, two years ago! On 8/20/2011 I set a new best 5 minute power at 412 Watts, the previous being 409 Watts set on 8/1/2011. Also, I’ve started swimming up a lane, with a 1:20 base instead of the 1:25 base that I had been swimming. Although the progress I’ve seen is slowing down, it is still there. Now that Superfrog is so close, it’s not so much about setting new PR’s in training, but preparing mentally for the race and feeling just rested enough to race hard.